Child custody can be a contentious issue between parents, and some parents are unable to reach a decision on how to divide custody on their own. Whether you are in mediation or need to go to trial, you want help from a Sugar Land child custody lawyer. 

A common issue that often arises in divorce – or as a separate case – is child custody. Anytime you are in family court, and there are children involved, the court will likely address the issue of custody, which is called child conservatorship in Texas

In many situations, parents are willing to co-parent and understand that they should share custody of their children. They can come to an arrangement they think will work based on their own and their child’s schedules. On the other hand, some parents are unable to cooperate with one another when it comes to conservatorship arrangements. One parent might want sole custody, and the other parent might have to fight for their parental rights.

If you are facing a child custody matter, the right Sugar Land child custody lawyer can help you seek the best outcome in your situation. 

What Happens If No Custody Agreement is Reached?

If the divorcing parents cannot agree to a child custody arrangement, you and your spouse may agree to have your custody issues overseen by a third party in mediation. This process is not the same as going to court, but the mediator is experienced and knows how to guide both you and your spouse to find common ground to reach an agreement.

You should still have legal representation during mediation so your lawyer can review any potential agreements on the table. They can ensure that your agreement is in accordance with Texas law and your parental rights.

If you reach an agreement in mediation, the attorneys representing you will draft a settlement agreement for you to sign. The settlement agreement must be approved by a family court judge and issued as part of the court order for it to become official.

What if Mediation Fails?

If mediation is unsuccessful, your case might head to a contested custody hearing. Here, your lawyer will help you gather and present the evidence needed to make your case. You will also have an opportunity to testify, and with the assistance and guidance of your lawyer, you can call a witness or witnesses to offer testimony in support of your case.

After all the evidence is presented and everyone has been heard, a judge hearing the case will decide based on the facts that were established at the hearing what the custody arrangement should be utilizing the standard of doing what is in the best interest of the child. Once the judge oversees the case, the outcome and your custody arrangement will be out of your hands. Even if you do not agree with the court’s decision about how to divide conservatorship, you must abide by the court order and properly seek a modification down the road. 

You Can Count on an Experienced Sugar Land Child Custody Lawyer 

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