For many parents, moving is a part of life that will happen at one time or another. If you share custody of a child, moving becomes even more complicated. Parents who must venture down this path should secure the services of an experienced attorney.

Sharing custody of a child is never easy. It can become even more difficult if one parent wants or needs to move. Many factors can come into play in this situation, such as emotions and finances. If you are struggling with child custody and relocating, turn to a knowledgeable Sugar Land out of state relocation lawyer for help.

Court Orders and Relocating with Your Child

In most custody cases, the court’s initial custody orders prohibit the primary parent from moving outside of a specific area, typically the child’s current county of residents and any contiguous counties. If a parent desires to move out of this area with the child, they must get a court order. They aren’t allowed to pick up and move. You have the best chance of obtaining a court order for your move by working with a skilled Sugar Land out of state relocation attorney.

Even if your agreement or court order doesn’t restrict your child’s residence to a particular area, you must still provide notice to the other parent of your intent to move with the child. If the other parent disagrees with your intentions, they can file an application for a temporary restraining order to stop you from moving until a court relocation hearing can be held.

During the hearing, it’s your job to provide convincing reasons as to why your proposed move is in the child’s best interest. If, for any reason, the court believes you are moving to interfere with your child’s relationship with the other parent, you will not be allowed to move with the child.

Will the Court Allow Your Move?

Remember that it’s the court’s duty to always make decisions that are in the best interest. Based on this, some possible reasons the court will allow a move include:

  • The reason for the move
  • The desires of the child, especially if they are over the age of 12
  • The child’s relationship with both parents
  • If the non-moving parent can afford to pay for travel expenses
  • If the non-moving parent can manage a new and alternative visitation schedule

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