Your child custody agreement is legally binding until you officially modify them with the court. While Texas courts understand that such modifications are often necessary, they don’t allow modifications except in situations in which the relevant circumstances have undergone a material change that supports a modification. If you believe that a child custody modification is not in order, reach out to an experienced Sugar Land child custody attorney from Jamie Jordan, PLLC for assistance today.

Making Your Modification Official with the Court

It is important to note that, even if you and your children’s other parents are in complete agreement about the child custody modification in question, you need to make it official with the court. The judge in your case is very likely to sign off on a modification that you have negotiated between yourselves, but failure to take the matter up with the court can leave you in contempt of court – if your ex goes on to change his or her mind on the matter. Ultimately, the last child custody orders that the court handed down to you remain legally binding, so taking your child custody modification seriously and filing it with the court is always in your best interest.

Most Common Reasons for Modifications

The most common reasons for seeking a child custody modification include significant changes in the circumstances of one of the parents, both of the parents, or the children involved (the same is true of child support modifications, which sometimes go hand in hand with child custody mods). Common examples include:


  1. The primary custodial parent is faced with a job change or transfer that would allow considerably more opportunities for the children.
  2. A parent is no longer able to provide the care the children need.
  3. A child whom the court identifies as being mature enough to do so weighs in on the matter.
  4. The parent originally awarded primary custody relinquishes it.
  5. Either parent has remarried, and the effects of the marriage affect the children in a substantial way.
  6. The matter of child abuse, child neglect, or domestic violence has arisen in one parent’s home.


Texas courts base every decision that directly affects the welfare of children on the best interests of the children, which means it only grants child custody modifications when they are deemed to support the best interests of the children involved.

The One-Year Waiting Period

In Texas, it’s very likely that you’ll have to wait at least one year from the date of your original child custody orders – or from the date of your last modification – to obtain a new child custody modification. If, however, there is a compelling reason for making an exception to this time constraint, the court will consider your modification request.

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