If your divorce is headed to court, you have plenty on your mind. One factor that you may not have given much thought but that you should consider is what you will be wearing to divorce court. If you don’t give the matter some thought ahead of time, you could be caught off guard. The fact is that feeling confident and put together can go a long way when it comes to divorce court, and if this is where you’re headed, it’s time to reach out to an experienced Sugar Land divorce lawyer.

Comfort Is Key

If your Texas divorce is heading to court, you’ll want your court attire to reflect the respect you have for the court itself, which translates to erring on the side of conservative dressing (rather than expressing your artistic side, for example). It is important to note that – because your parental and financial rights hang in the balance – divorce court is stressful, and dressing comfortably but with a nod toward the more formal (rather than toward the less) is important.


If your clothes are binding and leave you fidgeting, you have not chosen the right attire. If, on the other hand, you’re headed to court in your favorite yoga pants, it’s time to rethink the matter. The idea is to come off as focused and on top of things, and wearing the right clothes can help you emphasize this point.

Men Dresscode

If you are a man with a divorce court date, sticking to a tried-and-true suit (the kind you would wear to a job interview) is an excellent choice. In terms of appropriate men’s court attire, things haven’t changed much – other than stylistic choices – in decades. In other words, it is hard to go too far wrong if you are wearing a well-fitting, conservative suit that you are comfortable in.

Women Dresscode

Women have more options, which can make the decision-making process more challenging. Keep the following in mind:


  1. Wear your version of an interview suit, whether this means a dress and jacket, a pantsuit, dress pants or a skirt and a blazer or sweater set, or a traditional suit with either pants or a skirt
  2. Skip heavy or dramatic makeup (the natural makeup look sets the right tone)
  3. Don’t go sleeveless
  4. Wear muted colors and conservative styles


Great Ideas for Both Men and Women

The following are all good ideas for anyone who is headed to divorce court:


  1. Give flashy jewelry a pass
  2. Remove any visible piercings
  3. Cover any tattoos that you can
  4. Do not wear a hat (other than for religious purposes)


Find the Nearest Sugar Land Divorce Attorney

Divorce is an important legal concern, and your appearance at divorce court matters. At Jamie Jordan, PLLC our best Sugar Land Divorce Lawyer is well prepared to help you as many couples in Sugar Land, TX, and nearby successfully resolve your divorce concerns, including those related to your attire. To learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.