When a married couple has reached a dead-end in terms of saving their marriage, divorce becomes inevitable, and one of the most difficult and complex issues in divorce is first, how to break the news to their children, and second, how to help the children cope with the divorce.

Because you have many concerns regarding divorce – such as how to tell your kids – you want the right divorce lawyer handling the legal aspects of your case.

Plan Ahead

How children receive and deal with news about their parents divorcing varies depending on their ages and where they are developmentally. How they understand divorce, why their parents are divorcing, and what the future holds all are dependent on these two parameters. Parents are, therefore, encouraged to plan ahead and tailor discussions about divorce according to these two factors.

Parents of young children should do their best to maintain their daily routines and remain consistent in how they apply rules to show that they do not change because of the impending divorce. They should relate to the children with even more affection and should strive to know how to manage expectations. Key in managing expectations is reassuring the children over and over that everything will be just fine and that it is not their fault. Instead, explain that divorce is something they and the parents must go through for a better life.

Teens will likely have a different take and may already have some ideas formulated in their minds – often from what they know their peers went through when their parents got divorced. They may also want to know more about the divorce and how it will affect their lives. Teens’ parents should be ready to engage in open, thoughtful, and calm conversations with their teenage children. They should also be supportive of their teen’s emotional needs and reactions.

Keep Messaging Clear & Simple

For all children, parents should keep their messages clear and simple. It is not necessary to bombard the children, regardless of their age, with unnecessary details about the breakdown of the marriage and divorce. There are many things better left unsaid, and the focus should be on sharing information that provides comfort and assurance to the kids that everything will be alright. It is best for the parents to focus on what is going to happen in the future, such as where the kids might live, than what happened leading to the divorce.

It is imperative for the children, especially the younger ones, to know there is nothing they have done to cause the divorce. The children should be assured that the problem is between the parents and not them. Parents should also be aware of when the child might need professional psychological help.

Seek Help from a Sugar Land, TX Family Lawyer

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