Nothing stays the same in life, especially in recent times. If you need to consider a modification to your custody agreement for 2021, hiring an attorney can help ensure that you have the best chance at the court granting your request.

As 2020 comes to a close, your life might not look like you had expected it to. More changes could even be on the way. These changes could impact nearly every aspect of your life, including your child custody arrangement. Whether your child needs more time and attention due to remote or hybrid learning, you are now working from home, or you are switching jobs or moving, you have the right to request a child custody modification. With a Sugar Land child custody modification lawyer on your side, you will have the best chance of receiving the modification that suits the unique needs of you and your child going into 2021.

Do You Need to Go to Court to Modify Your Custody Arrangement?

If you and your child’s other parent have an amicable relationship and can discuss your needs, go for it. This is the ideal way to reach a new agreement for custody that will benefit everyone involved. However, once you reach that agreement, it’s essential to take it to court and get it signed off by a judge. Without the official approval of a family court judge, it is unenforceable. Even if you have an agreement between the two of you, the only agreement that can be enforced is the one on record with the court. Protect yourself by taking this final step. If you’re still not sure you need to have it approved by the court, discuss your situation with a knowledgeable Sugar Land child custody modification attorney.

When Can Custody Arrangements be Modified?  

Custody orders from the court are meant to be permanent. The court doesn’t have the time to be changing orders for everyone for every little need that arises in their life. However, the court does recognize some circumstances warrant changes. These circumstances can include:

  1. Job relocations
  2. Changes in the marital status of the parents
  3. Unemployment
  4. Medical conditions
  5. Substance abuse
  6. Abuse or neglect of the child by a parent

In all child custody modification cases, the court will refuse to modify the custody order unless it is in the child’s best interests. To make this determination, family courts consider many factors such as the child’s needs, desires, and relationship with each parent. Before filing for a custody modification, a Sugar Land child custody modification lawyer can help you determine if what you are requesting is realistic and in your child’s best interest. 

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