Divorce affects every facet of your life, so it is probably no surprise that this includes your job. Staying focused at work is as important for your peace of mind and emotional well-being as it is for your career, and fortunately, there are some useful tips that can help you do just that. If you are facing a divorce in Sugar Land or nearby consulting with an experienced Sugar Land divorce attorney early in the process is a step in the right direction. 

Talk to Your Boss

Good bosses listen to and care about their employees, and the truth of the matter is that your divorce process is almost certain to affect your productivity on the job. Instead of keeping the matter to yourself and allowing your boss or supervisor to think you’ve lost your edge – or your commitment to your job – it is important to let him or her know what is going on. By sharing, you send a direct message that you trust your boss, and this alone can help both of you. A divorce can lead to all of the following, and by discussing each possibility upfront, you and your boss will be better prepared to find viable workarounds:


  1. You may need to take more time off to attend to legal matters.
  2. You may experience legal emergencies in which you’ll need to leave work with little notice.
  3. You are likely to experience increased anxiety, which can lead to decreased productivity.


Working together as a team can help to minimize the impact of your divorce on your work. Another great policy is to otherwise keep your divorce private on the job (other than on a need-to-know basis). This separation between your private and personal life can provide you with the emotional cushion you’re looking for.

Keep Communication with Your Divorcing Spouse to a Minimum

Calls from your divorcing spouse during the workday are not only distracting but can also be emotionally draining. Make it your policy only to speak – or to communicate electronically – with your divorcing spouse outside of work hours (other than child-related matters that require your attention). This allows you an 8-hour block of time each day in which you can take a much-needed break from the turmoil of your divorce.

Get Organized

There is no denying that divorce takes a considerable amount of time and attention, but your life is not going to take a backseat while you address your divorce. The more organized you can be, the better prepared you’ll be to tackle what’s ahead with increased confidence. This includes the errands you need to run to keep your home running smoothly, the phone calls you need to make regarding your divorce and your job, the time you need to take for yourself, and more.

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