There is no doubt that Texas takes alcohol-related vehicle offenses seriously. However, many people who get arrested for driving while intoxicated (DWI) fail to take the matter as seriously as they should. You can expect the prosecutor to aggressively pursue a conviction, so you want a criminal defense lawyer aggressively defending against your charges. 

Here Are Some Drunk Driving Statistics in Texas

Sadly, Texas has a long-standing reputation for drunk driving. The numbers are truly staggering:


  1. Over 2% of Texans admitted in a survey by the CDC that they drive after drinking too much (a number that was higher than the national average)
  2. A Texan dies every nine hours in a drunk (or high) driving accident
  3. The Lonestar State has the 4th highest drunk driving fatality rate nationwide
  4. In 2020, 963 Texans died, and 2,114 were gravely injured because of drunk driving
  5. There are about 8 drunk driving deaths per 100,000 Texans
  6. Between 2003-2012, there was an average of 6.7 DWI deaths per 100,000 people aged 21-34 across the US. In Texas, the rate is 10 per 100,000. Across all age groups, more Texans die from DWIs than the national average.
  7.  November 7, 2000, was the last deathless day on Texas roadways. #EndTheStreakTX
  8. Texas has the 13th toughest DWI laws in the country, ranks 36th for DWI prevention, and is 8th for DWI criminal penalties. 

What Are The Penalties for DWI Charges in Tx?

Because of the record high incidents of drunk driving in Texas and the accompanying high number of related deaths, yes, DWIs are very much a serious charge here with serious penalties if you are convicted. Authorities try to arrest and charge as many drunk drivers as possible.

First Texas DWI Offense

  1. You will serve at least 3 days in jail regardless of the circumstances. ANY drunk driving in Texas will result in jail time. Although you can serve up to 180 days for a first-time DWI.
  2. Driving privileges can be taken away for up to a year
  3. Fine up to a $2,000

Second Texas DWI Offense

  1. You will serve a minimum of one month in jail (up to a year)
  2. Driving privileges can be taken away for up to 2 years
  3. Fine up to a $4,000

Third Texas DWI Offense

  1. You will serve a minimum of 2 years in prison (up to 10 years)
  2. Driving privileges can be taken away for up to 2 years
  3. Fine up to a $10,000

Drunk Driving with a Minor in the Vehicle

  1. You can be sentenced to as much as 2 years in jail
  2. Driving privileges will be taken away for 180 days
  3. Fine up to a $10,000
  4. If the minor in the car with you is under 15 years of age, you will be charged with Child Endangerment

Sugar Land Criminal Defense Lawyer Fights DWIs

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