Divorce naturally presents some difficult situations for many people. Parental alienation shouldn’t be one of them. Nevertheless, it continues to be a widespread and distressing problem in Texas divorces. To prove parental alienation, you need strong evidence.

Parental alienation is the process in which one parent “programs” a child to believe the other parent is bad. Their goal is to undermine and interfere with the child’s relationship with the other parent. It’s typically motivated by the alienating parent’s inability to separate their co-parenting from the anger, conflict, and other negative feelings surrounding the divorce. Their desired outcome in this emotional power play is for the child to reject the other parent.

If you are the targeted parent, it’s best to seek the advice of a well-versed Sugar Land parental alienation lawyer. Unfortunately, not every family judge or psychologist accepts the doctrine of parental alienation as true. Even still, when the targeted parent or their attorney presents solid evidence, the courts are motivated to protect the child’s best interests. As such, parenting classes supervised visitation, or best interest evaluations may be recommended. Here’s the evidence you might need to prove your claim.

Maintain Thorough Records

Keeping detailed records of events that happen to prove your parental alienation claim can significantly help your case. If the alienating parent claims that you had a negative relationship with your child, showing up with evidence to prove the truth is essential. Be sure to do the following:

  • Make notes about conversations with the other parent
  • Save printouts of emails and text messages 
  • Keep call logs
  • Take detailed notes about any disruptions to your parenting time
  • Document your relationship with your child by keeping a log of your parenting time, including where you go and how you spend your time together
  • Keep any receipts and take photos during your time together
  • Jot down the names of people who are around you when you have parenting time and can be a witness if you need one

You can give all of these records to your Sugar Land child custody attorney for their review and safekeeping.

Request a Private Interview with the Judge for Your Child

You have the right to request that the judge interview your child in private. No parents or attorneys are allowed, and it gives the judge an opportunity to interact with the child in a friendly fashion. However, whether or not this interview takes place is up to the judge’s sole discretion assigned to your case. Keep in mind that each judge has different ways of doing things, and they may not conduct child interviews.

Enlist a Child Custody Evaluator 

You can also hire an expert to complete a forensic (in-depth) evaluation of your child conservatorship circumstances. Your Sugar Land parental alienation lawyer might even have experts they recommend. The expert will interview both the parents and the child.  They might also conduct psychological testing on all parties involved to assess any potential issues better. The expert will draft a written report detailing their findings. The expert can also testify regarding their report in court, and the other parent’s attorney can cross-examine them.

You Can Count on a Skilled Sugar Land Parental Alienation Lawyer 

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