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Establish Paternity for Child Support & Custody Matters

A paternity action is a legal proceeding to establish the identity of a child’s father. Establishing paternity often requires genetic testing.

Establishing paternity can be an important step in:

  • Protecting your right to visitation or custody
  • Obtaining the proper amount of child support
  • Resolving disputes regarding custody, child support, and parenting plans

Regardless of your exact situation, rest assured that Jamie Jordan, PLLC has your best interests in mind. With Sugar Land Paternity Lawyer Jamie Jordan on your side, you are better equipped to achieve your goals and to find a favorable resolution to your legal matter.

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Parental Rights in Texas

When a woman has a baby, she automatically has parental rights and responsibilities regarding the child since the biological connection between them is clear. However, parental rights for a father are not so clear cut:

  • When the mother is married, the husband automatically is the legal father.
  • If the mother is unmarried, the child does not have a legal father until someone establishes paternity.

Paternity can easily be established after a birth if both parents agree. They can sign an Acknowledgment of Paternity form and file it with the proper state agency. The father’s name is then added to the birth certificate, and he has legal parental rights and responsibilities.

However, if the parents do not voluntarily establish paternity in this manner, the child will not have a legal father. If one party wants to establish paternity and the other party disagrees, it will require a court order to involuntarily establish paternity.

Paternity Proceedings in Family Court

Many fathers want access to their child to build a meaningful relationship and give the child all the benefits of having a legal father. A mother might dispute paternity in this case, and the father might have to file a Petition to Adjudicate Parentage with the proper family court.

On the other hand, a mother might want to establish paternity, so the child receives financial support from the father, among other things. If the alleged father disputes paternity, the mother will need to file the petition.

Once one party files with the court, a hearing will be scheduled. The following might happen:

  • One party does not appear in court, and the judge issues a default order establishing paternity.
  • Both parties arrive in court, agree to paternity, and the judge issues an order establishing paternity.
  • Both parties arrive in court, and one party disputes paternity. The judge will then order a DNA test, and the results will determine whether the judge establishes paternity or not.

Other Issues Arising in Paternity Actions

If paternity is established, the court will then need to address other child-related matters. These include:

  • Conservatorship – Commonly known as child custody, the court will decide how the parents will divide time with their child, as well as how they will share decision-making responsibilities. A parenting plan should be drafted and put in place with the conservatorship order.
  • Child Support – Since both parents have the responsibility to provide financial support for the child, the court will determine whether one parent needs to pay child support to the other. Generally, the parent who does not have primary custody will provide support to the custodial parent, though this can vary depending on each parent’s financial situation.

Because these issues will need to be addressed, there is a lot at stake for both parents – and the child – in a paternity proceeding. It is important that each party has representation from a Sugar Land paternity lawyer who can address the initial paternity issues, as well as additional matters involving child support and conservatorship.

Get the Support You Need

If you are a single parent supporting your child on your own, you deserve financial support from your child’s other parent. Without legally established paternity, you might not receive the payments you need to care for your child. Whether you are unsure who your child’s father is, or your partner is denying paternity to avoid paying support, Jamie Jordan, PLLC can help.

We offer comprehensive representation focused on establishing paternity to ensure that you get the support you need. Sugar Land Paternity Lawyer Jamie Jordan can apply her knowledge of the law to ensure that you can establish paternity through DNA testing.

Establish Paternity to Remain a Part of Your Child’s Life

Sugar Land Paternity AttorneyIf you are a father who has been denied custody or visitation rights to your child, you can pursue legal action to establish paternity and protect your visitation or custody rights.

In the past, courts were more likely to grant a mother custody or better visitation rights. Today, courts are much more likely to treat both parents as equals – though biases still exist. To ensure that you can remain in your child’s life, retain representation from Jamie Jordan, PLLC.

Consult with Our Fort Bend County Paternity Attorney

Even if you and your spouse can negotiate amicably, it is best to have an experienced attorney review a settlement before you agree to anything. Sugar Land Paternity Lawyer Jamie Jordan takes a calm, collected, and results-driven approach to paternity matters to help parents achieve their goals and support their children in Sugar Land, Tx and,neaby.

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