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Sugar Land Parental Alienation Lawyer

Fight Back against Parental Alienation

Sugar Land Parental Alienation LawyerSome parents engage in alienating their children against the other parent after a divorce. This damaging activity can involve constantly making negative remarks or comments about the other parent. One of the most common results of a parent who engages in this activity is a child refusing to visit the other parent.

In cases in which one parent makes hostile remarks and belittles the other parent in comments to their shared children, there are available legal actions that could affect child custody.
Fort Bend County parental alienation lawyer Jamie Jordan can help you get this difficult issue brought to the attention of the court.

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Parental Alienation & Custody Arrangements

The court will determine how custody will be arranged when a divorce is litigated in court. For those who choose to engage in divorce mediation or collaborative divorce, the agreement will be established prior to going to court.

In some cases, the communication between the two parents is so difficult that negotiations are impossible. In cases where one parent is making unreasonable demands, a trial may be the only way to resolve the matter. When parental alienation has been taking place, the court may be swayed in favor of the other parent with regard to custody. The best interest of the child is their concern, and they do not look kindly upon a parent who is making efforts to turn a child against the other parent, particularly in child custody litigation.

Keeping Children out of Harm’s Way

Parents may not agree and may have serious personal difficulties and the inability to communicate in a respectful manner. This situation should not transfer to the children. A parent who is making ongoing negative comments can damage the child’s relationship with their other parent, resulting in the child refusing to visit or talk to their other parent, or passing on the negative comments. Children should be completely left out of the equation when there is a bitter divorce, no matter how difficult it may be for a former partner to avoid it.

Jamie Jordan, PLLC Can Help

Sugar Land Parental Alienation AttorneyWhen parental alienation has occurred, it may sabotage any effort to get custody of the children through alienating them from their other parent; bringing the fact of the ongoing efforts to alienate the children to the attention of the court, fully documented, will likely have an effect on the final outcome of a child custody case. If you are suffering the tragic results of an effort to alienate your children from you, we urge you to contact our firm at once. Our Fort Bend County parental alienation attorney can evaluate your situation and help you to determine what can be done to legally address the issue and bring it to a resolution before further damage is done.

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Attorney Jamie Jordan understands the pain of divorce – her parents divorced when she was a child and she has also personally experienced the pain of divorce from a previous marriage. She understands the emotional turmoil of this difficult time and she is passionate about providing caring and compassionate representation to clients navigating a divorce. Whether you are facing a contested divorce or a more amicable uncontested divorce, Attorney Jamie Jordan is ready to help you.