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Sugar Land Grandparents Rights Lawyer

Protect Your Right to Maintain a Relationship with Your Grandchildren

In Texas, many grandparents have certain rights to visitation with their grandchildren. It is healthy for children to have a relationship with their grandparents.

You may be able to obtain custody or visitation if:

Sugar Land Grandparents Rights Attorney

  • Your child has passed away and you are being denied access to your grandchildren
  • You can prove eligibility as a de facto custodian
  • You meet the requirements of an eligible third party

Whether you are seeking custody for the child’s protection or visitation to remain present in your loved one’s life, Jamie Jordan, PLLC can help. Our Sugar Land Grandparents Rights Lawyer has over a decade of experience helping grandparents in Sugar Land, TX and nearby protect their rights.

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Qualifying as a De Facto Custodian

You may be able to obtain custody of your grandchild if he/she has lived in your home and you have served as his/her primary caretaker. To meet the requirements to be a de facto custodian, your grandchild must have been living with you for an extended time, and the child’s parents must be unable to provide for the child properly.

It is in your best interests to work with a capable and knowledgeable attorney when seeking custody this way. We can help you craft a solid case that will improve your chances of success.

Third-Party Custody

If you do not qualify as a de facto custodian but believe that your grandchild should be in your custody or have visitation time with you, you may be able to request custody or visitation as a third party. Third-party custody rights extend to grandparents, extended family members, and other individuals who have a solid case for why they should have the right to spend time with the child.

Seek Guidance from Attorney Jamie Jordan

Sugar Land Grandparents Rights LawyerHave you been raising your grandchildren alone? Our firm can help you obtain the right to make decisions on their behalf. With a Custody Consent Decree in place, you will be able to make doctor’s appointments for your grandchild, enroll them in school, and handle other aspects of their care.

Our Fort Bend County grandparents’ rights attorney at Jamie Jordan, PLLC can assist you with the legal action needed to address the matter in court. We can help you draft an appropriate agreement and navigate the court process to protect your right to your grandchildren. Attorney Jamie Jordan is very experienced in the area of grandparents’ rights and can help you evaluate your personal situation to find the best route to getting access to your grandchildren.

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