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Sugar Land Collaborative Divorce Lawyer

The Easier & More Affordable Approach to Divorce

The process of a collaborative divorce can help you avoid costly litigation and the need to expose your personal issues in court. This process gives you a workable alternative to going to court, and it is an effective method of arranging all the crucial issues in marriage dissolution through the collaborative law process. It allows for a better opportunity to maintain a respectful relationship with a former spouse, as you are both involved in the process of determining how these matters are resolved.

If you are considering this alternative, our Fort Bend County divorce attorney at Jamie Jordan, PLLC can help. We provide legal counsel in all matters of divorce, including representation in the collaborative divorce process.

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Why Go the Collaborative Route?

A non-adversarial approach to divorce often leads to an agreement that is more likely to be followed. This approach can also help you avoid future problems with regard to child custody, child support, alimony, and the other critical matters that must be resolved when a marriage comes to an end.

The process involves each party – with their legal counsel and other professionals – working out the arrangements and agreements in all the matters that must be resolved without the need for a contentious and expensive court battle. This allows for decisions to be made that both parties negotiate. The two parties are able to complete the process with dignity and respect.

Seek Guidance Today

If you are considering divorce, we urge you to contact our firm to discuss this alternative to a contested divorce. When the issues in a divorce must be settled in court, it is impossible to expect that the court can understand every aspect of your former relationship. When the two former partners make the effort to work out these details without intervention by the court, they are much more likely to come to a final decision that works for both parties.

If you are interested in pursuing this option, we invite you to contact our collaborative divorce attorney in Fort Bend County to discuss how you can engage in this workable and more affordable option.

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Jamie Jordan



Attorney Jamie Jordan understands the pain of divorce – her parents divorced when she was a child and she has also personally experienced the pain of divorce from a previous marriage. She understands the emotional turmoil of this difficult time and she is passionate about providing caring and compassionate representation to clients navigating a divorce. Whether you are facing a contested divorce or a more amicable uncontested divorce, Attorney Jamie Jordan is ready to help you.