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Helping Families Navigate Child Support Agreements in Texas

When a relationship ends, the negative consequences that ripple through your personal and professional life are far-reaching and potentially devastating. If children are a part of the equation, they often bear the brunt of the hurt and confusion created by a divorce or separation. Whether born in or out of wedlock, the well-being of your children is likely one of your primary concerns during this difficult and trying time.

If you are considering the dissolution of your marriage or long-term relationship, it is absolutely essential to speak to a Fort Bend County divorce lawyer about the terms of your child support agreement. Jamie Jordan, PLLC is ready to help you through this process.

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How does Texas calculate child support?

The state of Texas utilizes a specific formula to help determine the amount of child support that serves as the child's best interest. This formula can be analyzed 3 steps:

  1. You will need to determine what income will and will not be included when determining your annual gross income calculation.
  2. Know your average monthly income. This can be calculated by dividing your annual gross income by 12.
  3. Identify your average monthly net resources. This can be done by subtracting the following from your average monthly income:
    • Federal income taxes
    • State Income Taxes
    • Social Security Taxes
    • Union Dues
    • All money paid for child's health insurance

How long do you have to pay child support in the state of Texas?

To determine the initial amount of support, the state of Texas will look at the financial needs of the child and the income of the parents. The parent supplying the financial support will be required to do so until the child either turns 18 or graduates from high school. If the child is disabled, the court may require the support to last indefinitely.

Does child support continue if a child goes to college?

While child support is legally due until the child turns 18 or graduates high school, there is no set law that states that the parent must pay for college tuition. However, a parent may attempt to include provisions within the child support agreement that the court may rule in favor of, if deemed necessary.

Aggressive Yet Compassionate Representation

With over a decade of experience under her belt, Attorney Jamie Jordan Zand has what it takes to resolve a child support dispute.

Our firm can assist you with any aspect of a child support issue, including:

  • Ex not paying child support: When a court order is not complied with in child support, legal action can be taken to enforce the payment. We can assist you to file the necessary legal action to get the child support payments that you and your children need.
  • Child support modification: When circumstances change, such as changes in employment, or a child’s changing educational or medical needs, a modification of a current support order can be sought through the court.
  • Parental alienation: Unfortunately, some parents choose to engage in alienating their children from the other parent. This can create terrible personal problems for a parent, and the child may refuse to visit. If this is your situation, it is possible that something can be done to bring this cruel activity to an end.

Seek Counsel from Jamie Jordan, PLLC Today

In our role as counselors, mediators, and advocates in the child support agreement process, we can fight to ensure that your interests are never overlooked. At Jamie Jordan, PLLC, we can stand by your side to protect your rights and interests, and take action to meet the needs of your children without compromising your interests. Child support payments typically cover all of the costs associated with raising a child, including basic needs such as housing, food, transportation, and education. Make sure you receive the payments you need.

Contact our Fort Bend County child support lawyer to develop a comprehensive child support agreement today. Call (832) 463-4933.

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