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Sugar Land Child Custody LawyerDetermining child custody is one of the most contentious aspects of a divorce where children are involved. Disputes over who will get custody can be emotionally charged and difficult to resolve without the help of a skilled lawyer. Sugar Land Child Custody Lawyer Jamie Jordan has over 10 years of experience helping Texans find favorable resolutions to child custody matters. At Jamie Jordan, PLLC, we understand the hardship you are facing – we can stand by your side, fighting for you and your child’s best interests.

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Types of Custody

There are two types of custody a parent can be granted: Physical and legal.

Legal Custody

This is when a parent has the responsibility to make important life decisions on behalf of the child. Decisions such as education, medical, religious activities, extracurricular activities fall under the realm of legal custody.

Physical Custody

On the other hand, physical custody refers to who the child or children will live with.

Custody can either be shared by the two parents or held solely by one, otherwise known as joint custody and sole custody. If one parent has sole physical custody, then the other parent will often be granted visitation rights.

Child custody may be awarded:

  • Through a custody proceeding
  • During filings for divorce or legal separation
  • In paternity or domestic abuse actions
  • When the child lives with a third party such as a grandparent or legal guardian

Regardless of your situation, our Sugar Land Child Custody Lawyer can assess your situation and determine the best strategy moving forward. Our priority is to find a solution that protects your rights and ensures a safe, loving environment for your children. Whether we can come to this solution through negotiations outside of the courtroom or have to bring your case to a family law court, we are prepared to stick by your side from start to finish.

Child Custody Modifications

Should you or your child’s situation or needs change in some capacity, it may be possible to amend your existing child custody agreement. Though you and your partner can come to an agreement outside of court, you will need court approval to put any changes into place.

You may be granted a modification if:

  • One parent’s income changes (such as job loss or a promotion)
  • One parent needs to relocate
  • The child’s health or education needs dictate a need for custody changes

Third-Party Custody

Sugar Land Child Custody AttorneyIn some cases, third-party custody may be granted. Third-party custody could be held by a grandparent, an aunt or uncle, or some other person who is committed to protecting the health and future of the child. If you are seeking custody of a grandchild or any minor who is not your own child, Jamie Jordan, PLLC can help.

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Attorney Jamie Jordan understands the pain of divorce – her parents divorced when she was a child and she has also personally experienced the pain of divorce from a previous marriage. She understands the emotional turmoil of this difficult time and she is passionate about providing caring and compassionate representation to clients navigating a divorce. Whether you are facing a contested divorce or a more amicable uncontested divorce, Attorney Jamie Jordan is ready to help you.