No matter what issues you face in your divorce, there are experts out there who can help. When you start with hiring the right divorce attorney, they can connect you with other collaborative divorce experts to make your divorce as easy and successful as possible. 

Although divorce is deeply personal, it often requires the help of outside parties to be successful. The first party you should involve in your divorce is typically a Sugar Land collaborative divorce lawyer. They can help you explore your options for what kind of divorce process you want to pursue. Your lawyer can also help determine what types of other experts might be helpful to you during this time.  

What is a Collaborative Divorce?

The terms of a divorce, such as custody arrangements and the division of assets, can be negotiated by the spouses or left up to the court. In situations where the spouses desire to reach an agreement, the divorce is uncontested. A collaborative divorce is one method used to reach agreements in an uncontested divorce. This process uses mediation and negotiations to settle the terms of the split. In some courts, divorcing couples must attempt mediation or a collaborative divorce before asking the court to settle their issues. 

Experts Who Assist in the Collaborative Divorce Process

It’s rare that a couple can agree and settle the terms of their divorce without the help of at least one expert. A skilled Sugar Land collaborative divorce attorney can help ensure that your rights are protected during this process. They can also help you with creative options for settling your divorce. Depending on the specifics of your situation, you may want to also consult with the following experts to help in your collaborative divorce:

  • Mediators: These experts can help each spouse see the situation from the other spouse’s perspective. They can also help facilitate conversations and effective negotiations.
  • Financial experts: If you have complex or high-value assets, you may want to have forensic accountants or other types of financial experts assess the financial picture during the collaboration process.
  • Family specialists: Sometimes known as a collaborative divorce coach, these professionals are often therapists or social workers. They can help with child-related issues, communication issues, and emotional issues present during the divorce process. A family specialist isn’t there to provide therapy. Instead, they are well-versed in the emotional issues present in a divorce and can help you avoid getting triggered by your soon to be ex-spouse.

Your Sugar Land collaborative divorce attorney can help connect you with the experts who can make your collaborative divorce more effective.

Getting Divorced? Get Help from an Experienced Sugar Land Collaborative Divorce Lawyer 

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