When family courts order child support, the orders are permanent. Parents can’t come back to the courts frequently to ask for changes to the child support orders. However, in some circumstances, a change is warranted. In fact, there are several events that can terminate the court’s child support orders. 

Child support is an essential element of raising a child when both parents don’t live in the same household. From birth, having a child is a financial commitment. While financial needs can change as the child grows, that commitment to provide adequate support for your child and their needs remains. If you are not together with the other parent of your child, support might simply be a fact of life for years.

Texas family courts ensure that the financial needs of a child still are met even when the parents aren’t together anymore. However, some events can terminate child support. If you have questions about them, an experienced Sugar Land child support modification lawyer is your best source of information.

Are Child Support Orders Permanent?

Child support orders should be viewed as permanent while your child is still legally considered a child. You can’t go back to the court on a regular basis and ask for an adjustment due to minor financial changes in your life, your child’s life, or their other parent’s life. However, Texas family courts do recognize that there are times when a change is valid and necessary. For instance, a raise, job loss, an increase in insurance premiums for the child, or a change in child custody. A Sugar Land child support modification attorney can help if you believe your child support orders should be changed to reflect certain changes.

Child Support Terminating Events

In addition to the potential to modify child support orders, several situations call for the termination of child support. Keep in mind, however, that the court still must order the termination of child support. The paying parent can’t decide on their own that a termination event has occurred and stop paying. Don’t assume these obligations end on their own, instead consult with a knowledgeable Sugar Land child support modification lawyer. Terminating events in Texas can include:

  • The child becomes an emancipated minor through marriage, removal of the disabilities of minority, or another operation of the law
  • The child reaches the age of 18 or graduates from high school —whichever event takes place later
  • The child passes away

Under Texas law, these are generally the only events that warrant the termination of child support. If you think you have extenuating circumstances, be sure to speak to a knowledgeable Sugar Land child support modification attorney as soon as possible.

Seek the Assistance of a Knowledgeable Sugar Land Child Support Modification Lawyer Today

Child support is an integral part of life if a child’s parents aren’t living together. Whether you are on the paying or receiving end of child support, it’s crucial to understand your rights and obligations. Not doing so can have severe financial and legal consequences.

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