Some people consider the offense of driving while intoxicated to be a relatively minor crime. However, convictions for DWI can have lasting consequences that can impact your life in many ways, so a strong defense is critical. 

Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a common charge issued against defendants in the Texas criminal justice system. If you are accused of DWI, you are facing several court-ordered penalties if you are convicted. For a first offense, these can include fines up to $2,000, three to 180 days in jail, and the suspension of your driver’s license for one year. While the immediate penalties are concerning, you should also be aware of the possible longer-term effects of a DWI conviction on your life. 

Because DWI convictions can have lasting consequences, it is important to avoid a conviction whenever you can. You should always have the help of a Richmond TX criminal defense lawyer if you are facing DWI charges. 

Your Job

There are many ways that a DWI conviction can impact your job, and this is especially true if you drive as part of your work duties. Commercial drivers can lose their licenses due to a DWI. Even non-commercial drivers need a valid license to work if their job requires them to operate a vehicle. Having your license suspended can often lead to the loss of your job. In addition, once you have a DWI on your criminal record, you might not get hired for jobs as easily. 

If you have a professional license for your career, it might be in jeopardy if you are found guilty of DWI. The licensing board might take a DWI conviction as a sign of substance abuse issues or a disregard for the law, among other things. You could lose your license, especially if other issues recently arose in your life or work.

Your Reputation

It can be difficult to hide a DWI conviction from your friends and family. This is because you might not be able to drive anymore, or you might have an ignition interlock device installed on your vehicle that allows you to drive. If anyone is in your vehicle, they will be well-aware of your interlock, and it can easily damage your reputation in the community, especially when it comes to your children and their friends’ parents. 

Increased Penalties in the Future

The penalties mentioned above are only for a first-time DWI conviction in Texas. If you are convicted a second time, having a prior conviction can increase your penalties to $4,000 in fines and up to a year in jail (with a minimum of one month), as well as two years of license suspension. The penalties will only get harsher with each subsequent conviction. 

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