To best protect yourself and others, you must consider that domestic abuse is not always physical. It can take on several other forms, which are just as hurtful and detrimental, if not more, than physical abuse. An attorney can help if you or someone you know is facing domestic abuse.

When most people hear the term “domestic abuse” or “spousal abuse,” they envision physical violence and assault, resulting in bruises and bleeding. While this certainly is part of domestic abuse, it is not the only type of abuse a spouse or someone in the home can suffer. It is not uncommon for the victim to suffer multiple types of abuse. Sometimes, the abuse isn’t even physical at all. If you are in an abusive relationship or situation, it is vital that you contact a Sugar Land domestic abuse lawyer as soon as possible who will stand up for your rights.

Types of Domestic Abuse

It is crucial to recognize and take action when there are other forms of domestic abuse going on in a relationship. Other types of abuse, besides the blatant physical abuse, include:

  • Emotional
  • Verbal
  • Sexual
  • Economic 

Coercive Control: A Form of Domestic Abuse

Another common type of domestic abuse is causing psychological harm through coercive control. It can be used in conjunction with or apart from physical violence. Although it leaves no marks or scars, this type of domestic abuse causes the victim to experience loss of freedom and fear daily. A compassionate Sugar Land domestic abuse attorney can help you if you are facing this or any other type of domestic abuse. Examples of this behavior include:

  • Keeping someone from their friends, family, colleagues
  • Monitoring their movements or controlling how they spend their time
  • Keeping tabs on their social media accounts or tracking their mobile phone
  • Making unreasonable demands
  • Repeatedly insulting them, telling them they are worthless
  • Taking over a person’s finances, giving them an allowance, or forcing them to take on debts
  • Limiting or depriving them of food
  • Damage to property, such as the destruction of household goods and valuable personal items
  • Preventing them from having access to transport or from working
  • Depriving them access to support services, such as healthcare
  • Taking control over aspects of a person’s life, such as where they can go, whom they can see, what they wear, and when they can sleep

Some domestic abusers might focus just on one area, such as controlling the money, when a spouse can see their friends, or when and what they can eat.

Hire a Compassionate Sugar Land Domestic Abuse Lawyer to be Your Advocate 

All types of domestic abuse are unacceptable. No matter what type of abuse you suffer, the law office of Jaime Jordan is here to help as we have done for countless other clients. We can help you obtain an order of protection if needed and advise you of your legal rights and options at this time. Learn more about the services we provide those who have been impacted by domestic abuse by scheduling your legal consultation today. Call (832) 463-4933 or reach out to us online.