Sometimes, people lie to gain the upper hand in certain situations, and such falsehoods can have serious circumstances for others. This type of situation can occur when one person in a relationship makes false allegations that the other person engaged in domestic abuse. If this has happened to you, speak with a Sugar Land domestic abuse lawyer from Jamie Jordan PLLC immediately.

Why do people make false allegations of domestic violence?

Separations, divorce, and child custody cases are the leading reasons why people make up lies about domestic abuse or violence. When the marriage or cohabitation has gone south, one person or both may start making false claims of domestic abuse or violence to gain legal leverage over the other when it comes to legal proceedings.

Sometimes, even small children are dragged into such messy divorces by parents who recruit and coach their kids to also lie about the false allegations. This is not only damaging for the children, but also for the parent accused of domestic abuse.

Though not easy, it is the responsibility of the presiding judge to weed out the malicious lies and render decisions based on proven facts. If your spouse or ex is lying about domestic abuse, it is necessary that you have a Sugar Land domestic abuse lawyer to help sort out the truth from lies for the judge.

Often, there is clear evidence of abuse or violence. Domestic abuse often happens behind closed doors with few – or no – witnesses to corroborate or challenge the accusations. When it is your word against theirs, the court might err on the side of safety and proceed as if domestic abuse occurred. This can impact the outcome of your family law case, including possibly even denying you conservatorship rights over your children.

It is important to present evidence that the accusations are false to ensure that you do not lose your financial or parental rights in a divorce or custody case. The best way to do this is to have the right legal representation from the start of your case.

Fighting Against Orders of Protection

Sometimes, a spouse making false allegations of abuse will seek an order of protection. This order, if granted, can severely impact your freedom regarding where you go or live and who you can communicate with. You might have to leave your home and be unable to see your children for some time under an order of protection. It is important that you have a domestic abuse lawyer who can defend against an order whenever possible. This can also protect your property and parental rights.

Discuss Your Situation with a Sugar Land Domestic Abuse Lawyer

If your spouse has made false allegations of violence or abuse against you, contact us today for the assistance you need. The legal team of Jamie Jordan, PLLC, stands up for the rights of our clients – whether they are the victims of abuse or the victims of false accusations. We can sort out and present the truth of the matter to the court.