Child custody is frequently a contentious issue when parents aren’t married. However, sometimes changes must be made in the best interests of the parents or the child. A child custody modification lawyer can help you pursue these changes for 2021.

The New Year often brings many changes for children and adults alike. During the current pandemic and its impact on work, school, and social lives, some changes are more likely than others. There could be new schools, jobs, work schedules, or even a move to a new neighborhood or town. If you need to change your 2021 child custody schedule for any of these reasons or others, it’s best to start with the advice of a trusted Sugar Land child custody modification lawyer.

Working with the Other Parent to Modify an Existing Custody Order

Modifications to child custody orders must be done through the family courts. However, that doesn’t mean they have to be determined by the family court system. If you and your child’s other parent have an amicable solution-oriented relationship, you might be able to come up with a new agreement between yourselves. You should still hire a trusted Sugar Land child custody modification attorney to represent your interests in this process.

Be ready to explain your needs for a new schedule in 2021 and why you feel your recommendations are best for the kids or even all parties involved. Realize that you may need to compromise some to get the crucial elements you need in your custody agreement. If you can both agree on the changes that should be made, you can submit your request to the court. It’s imperative to note that your changes aren’t official or enforceable until they have court-approval.

Keep in mind; the court only entertains modifications that are in the best interests of the child. If the court approves, they will sign off on the order, and it will take effect. If they don’t approve, they will explain why and allow you to make changes.

Going to Court for a Child Custody Modification

If you and your child’s other parent don’t get along and work out an agreement, you will need the court to make the determination for you. A skilled Sugar Land child custody modification lawyer can help you show the court what you need for a modification, why you need it, and how your child will benefit from it. The court will make its determination, and that will be your new child custody orders.

Have an Experienced Sugar Land Child Custody Modification Lawyer Review Your Case

At Jaime Jordan, PLLC, we know how stressful life changes can be, especially when they necessitate a child custody order modification. No matter your child custody modification needs or the status of your relationship with your child’s other parent, we are here to help. You can learn more about our family law services by scheduling your complimentary legal consultation today with a compassionate Sugar Land child custody modification attorney. Request your appointment today by calling (832) 463-4933 or completing our online form.