Having the right defense strategy is key in any type of criminal case, as you want to raise all possible legal defenses to your charges. These can vary and can be complicated, so seek help from a Sugar Land criminal defense lawyer right away. 

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, the first thing that would likely come to mind is what you can do to beat the charges. Defense strategies vary from case to case, but a skilled Sugar Land criminal defense lawyer can explain to you what criminal defenses you may have available to you and how to raise them.

What Is Meant by Criminal Defense?

A criminal defense is one or more legal arguments usually made in court to challenge the validity of the charges you face and the sufficiency of the evidence presented by the prosecutor. As you likely have heard, the prosecutor must prove the crime charged beyond a reasonable doubt.

What Are the Most Common Defenses to Criminal Charges?

The list of common defenses to criminal charges is long but below are some that are more common and apply in a wider variety of situations. If your facts and circumstances render any of these defenses useful, an experienced lawyer will advise you on how to make the best use of them to either have your case dismissed or charges reduced.


In many cases, it is, in fact, the case that a person charged with a crime did not commit the crime. However, simply saying “I didn’t do it” is not sufficient to challenge the prosecutor’s case. Instead, your attorney can assist you in proving one or more of the following:

  • An alibi that makes it impossible for you to have committed the crime
  • An eyewitness identification was false 
  • Someone else committed the crime and set you up 

By pleading “not guilty,” a defendant is raising this defense. Under the U.S. Constitution and state criminal laws, everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty unless they enter a valid guilty plea.

Violation of Constitutional Rights

Both federal and state laws have strict laws on how criminal defendants are investigated, charged, and tried. These include laws on how evidence is collected by police and other law enforcement agencies. If any of these laws and constitutional protections are violated, a skilled lawyer can work to have unlawfully obtained evidence suppressed, so the prosecutor cannot use key evidence to prove your case.

Acting in Self-Defense

Self-defense is available as a defense where the defendant makes the case that they were justified in the action that led to the charges because it was in response to the threats or violence from the accused. This defense is usually raised in crimes such as assault, battery, and even murder, and there are complex legal requirements to a successful self-defense claim. 

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