Being married to someone who has a substance abuse problem and getting a divorce are both difficult. Combining the two often compounds the issues. It’s crucial to be aware of the challenges you might face if you are in this situation. 

Living with a spouse who has a substance abuse issue is extremely difficult. It can impact nearly every facet of your life - your finances, your children, your social life, your work life, and of course, your relationship with your spouse. Sometimes, the addicted spouse refuses to recognize there’s a problem or to get help or the sober spouse decides they can’t be in this situation anymore. Divorcing a spouse with a substance abuse problem is challenging, but it is the best course of action for some spouses. Divorce is never easy but divorcing someone with a substance abuse issue often brings additional challenges. A compassionate Sugar Land divorce lawyer could help you navigate these tricky waters.

Negotiation Issues

Divorces are usually less stressful and more successful if the spouses can negotiate the terms of their divorce. Negotiating isn’t always easy, but if both spouses can work together, it can be successful. Trying to negotiate with someone who has substance abuse issues can often prove impossible. You may have a higher chance of a contested divorce instead of an uncontested divorce in this situation. Even if your spouse seems willing to negotiate, they might be unreliable and might change their minds or even fail to show up to mediation sessions or other appointments.

Financial Challenges

You may have already dealt with some financial challenges related to your spouse’s substance abuse. These challenges can also haunt your divorce. The addicted spouse may have spent a great deal of money on drugs or alcohol and may also have difficulty staying employed. It’s critical to have a Sugar Land divorce attorney on your side to help determine how to best approach these issues in your divorce. Property division, debt allocation, and spousal maintenance, and child support will all likely be impacted. 

Issues Affecting Your Children

If you have children, you likely have serious concerns about how divorcing your addicted spouse will affect them. Generally, Texas family courts favor having the children spend time with both parents. However, if there is evidence that one parent is unfit, they might change their stance. Suppose you think your spouse’s substance abuse issues are risky for your children. In that case, it’s essential to work with a skilled Sugar Land divorce lawyer who can help you understand your options. You may want to present evidence of your spouse’s damaging behavior to help the court see that they are unfit. Alternatively, you can request that your spouse only be granted supervised parenting time.

Turn to a Sugar Land Divorce Lawyer for Help

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