If you get along with your child’s other parent, it probably makes sense for you to work out changes to your child support agreementbetween yourselves. This is fine, but you must also submit it to the court. Otherwise, changes to the current child support order are unenforceable. 

Child support is often a tricky issue between parents who aren’t together anymore. Once the court issues a child support order, they generally expect it to be permanent. However, some circumstances might require a change in the amount of child support that should be paid. These circumstances include job and income changes, medical issues for the child or the paying parent, marriages by either parent, and either parent having additional children. Instead of going through the courts, it might seem easier to work something out with the other parent.  However, it likely won’t be easier in the long run. It’s best to talk to a Sugar Land child support modification lawyer first.

For the Parent Paying Child Support

If you and your child’s other parent have an amicable relationship and can talk things out, you should take advantage of this. Being able to compromise and negotiate can save time and money. Waiting for the court to determine if a change in child support is necessary can take a long time. Child support paying parents sometimes have a temporary or a permanent change in circumstances that they can talk to the other parent about.

However, once they do, they need to seek court approval. For parents who pay child support, not having a court order and paying less than the legally ordered amount can lead to serious trouble. Your child’s other parent could pretend like they never agreed to accept less, and without a court order, changes aren’t enforceable. That parent could report you for not paying the full amount, and you could face several consequences. A seasoned child support modification attorney can assist you with getting the proper court approval, so this doesn’t happen.

For the Parent Receiving Child Support

If you are the parent who receives child support, you want to ensure that any agreements you make between yourselves about child support are approved and backed by a court order. Maybe you went to your child’s other parent and asked for a temporary increase in child support due to some unexpected medical expenses. They agree to pay a higher amount, but then they don’t follow through with your agreement.

There’s nothing you can do at this point because the temporary increase was not part of a court order. You can’t go to court and ask them to enforce an order that they never issued. However, if you reach out to a knowledgeable child support modification lawyer, you can ensure that you take the proper steps to ensure your agreement is legally enforceable.

Sugar Land Child Support Modification Lawyer Jaime Jordan Can Help

No matter what kind of change you want to make to your child support agreement, always make sure that you get it approved and ordered by the court. If you don’t, you could be wasting your time and setting yourself up to face possible consequences. Book your legal consultation with a well-versed Sugar Land child support modification attorney today. Call Jaime Jordan, PLLC  at (832) 463-4933 or use our online request form.