Losing your job is overwhelming. If you are worried about how you will pay your bills, you might be eligible for a child support modification. Meet with an attorney to find out if you are eligible and the steps you need to take. 

If you recently lost your job, it’s only logical to look for ways to cut expenses while you look for new employment. Maybe you cut back on entertainment, eating out, and cancel unnecessary subscription services. Child support can be one of your biggest expenses. It’s only natural to want to reduce this expense while you aren’t earning a regular income. An experienced Sugar Land child support modification lawyer can assist you in requesting this essential change. 

When are Child Support Modifications Granted?

Family courts create child support orders to be long-term. The courts don’t have the time or resources to change child support orders for everything little financial situation that pops up unexpectedly. However, they do realize that from time to time, circumstances change that warrant a change to the child support order. 

Texas laws generally allow the child support order to be modified if one of the following is true:

  • At least three years have passed since the order went into effect or was last modified, and the monthly child support ordered differs by either $100 or 20 percent from the amount that would be awarded according to child support guidelines.
  • A material and substantial change in circumstances occurred since the child support order was last established, such as a change in living arrangements or 

A job loss usually meets the first requirement. If you are not sure if your job or income loss falls under one of these categories, discuss your situation with a Sugar Land child support modification attorney as soon as possible.

What You Need to Do to Modify Your Child Support Order

While it’s not required, it’s in your best interest to talk to a skilled Sugar Land child support modification lawyer before initiating your request for a change. Your attorney can help ensure that you follow the proper protocols and increase your chances of getting a modification that works for you.

Modifications for child support can happen through a court hearing or the CSRP (child support review process). The CSRP is usually quicker than scheduling a court hearing. It is more successful when both parents can agree on the order. Your modified child support amount will be based on your past employment, ability to work and earn a wage, and the current federal minimum wage.

You Need the Representation of an Experienced Sugar Land Child Support Modification Lawyer

Child support and job loss can both create stress in your life. When dealing with both at the same time, you might feel like it’s more than you can take. We are here to help.

Do you have questions about modifying your child support order after a job loss? Contact a Sugar Land child support modification attorney at Jaime Jordan, PLLC today. Call (832) 463-4933 or use our convenient online form to schedule your free consultation.