Legally establishing the paternity of a child has multiple benefits to their emotional and physical health. It also allows fathers more involvement and legal rights in the lives of their children. If you need help establishing paternity, a lawyer can help.

The United States places much emphasis on establishing child paternity at birth. In most states, a mother’s husband is assumed to be the father of the baby, and he is added to the birth certificate as such. If the mother is unmarried, a father must be formally named in order for paternity to be established. Generally, this is done when the man signs the Acknowledgement of Paternity (AOP) form. Studies show that 81 percent of established paternities happen in the hospital setting after the child’s birth. If you haven’t yet established paternity and wonder if you should, a well-versed Sugar Land paternity lawyer can help you explore the benefits.

The Legal Benefits of Establishing Paternity

If a child doesn’t have a father listed on their birth certificate, they can miss out on benefits they should be entitled to receive, such as:

  • Child support
  • Life insurance
  • Veteran’s benefits
  • Social Security from a disabled or deceased father
  • Inheritance rights

Children aren’t the only benefactors when it comes to establishing paternity, though. Only fathers who have established paternity have a legal right to visitation and custody of their child. If you want to pursue your rights to see your child but have not yet established paternity, a Sugar Land paternity attorney can help.

Emotional Benefits for Fathers and Children

Both children and their fathers can benefit emotionally when paternity is established. For a child, as they grow, knowing who their parent is can satisfy a need and desire to know who they are and where they came from. Children who have a sense of belonging and being wanted are typically more confident and have a strong sense of identity. Children with fathers present in their lives typically do better in school. 

By establishing paternity with the help of a Sugar Land paternity lawyer, fathers have the ability to strengthen their bond with their child and provide for interaction between the child and other members of their family. Fathers can experience many emotional benefits from being involved in their children’s lives, such as a sense of pride as their child grows, develops, and becomes a successful member of society.

Medical Benefits for Children with Established Paternity

Since genetics can play a significant role in someone’s health, knowing who their biological father is can help children and their families diagnose and treat some illnesses and disorders. When the father’s medical history is known, doctors have a better idea of what conditions a child might have inherited. Children who require blood transfusions or organ donations can benefit significantly by knowing medical information from both parents.

Get Help from an Experienced Sugar Land Paternity Lawyer 

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